Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Snowy Winter!

 I think the title of this blog says it all.  Except add in the words bitterly cold.  We had a mild Spring/Summer 2013 followed by what I consider a cold Winter!  This brought us a lot of chances for snowy/icy weather!  We had a great first snow in January.  It was a dry snow that was not great for snowman making but PERFECT for sledding.

 Also perfect for eating and just putting our faces in apparently.

 Even mommy took a ago at sledding.  It was really a perfect snow day.  The kids didn't get wet and cold and we were able to sled for a long time.  We had a great time!
 And then we had numerous other "snow" days.  A wet cold mess would fall and trap us at home.  I think this happened three or four times.  The public schools were closed a lot which means we were as well.  I was super thankful for going overboard at the 90% off aisle at Target at this point...

 And so were the boys.  Not having the option to get up and go and do as we please can be really hard!

 This snow day fell the day before Valentines.  By that evening I was BEGGING Brett to get us out.  I even let the boys jump on the bed.  It was that bad!  Needless to say, I was OVER the cold weather!


  1. Needless to say, a wonderful weather and layer of snow to go sledding as you did. Your boys are so cute and entertained on the photos! I'm very happy to see such a nice family! Happy New Year!